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Morning everyone! Have you heard about the mysterious sock of the sea?? For 60 years researchers have been stumped by this creature that resembles a purple sock! But recent discoveries have led to the mystery being solved, and it's now named Xenoturbella :) And it really does just look like a sock that has been left in the sea!!

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Hey everyone! Hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather while it lasts :) I've just stumbled upon a news article from 2006 (yes i know, old news!!) but i was dumbfounded reading it ... The NHS Trust in East Lancashire had just banned all staff from wearing novelty socks and even made a policy about it! The reason for this? They are offensive and unprofessional. It was commented that novelty silly socks should be compulsory in the children's ward (read it here). What do you guys think? I personally think i'd like it if i were in the hospital and just got a glimpse of a doctor wearing a bright pair of socks! Hospital staff work extremely hard in some very difficult situations, and maybe a pair of bright socks will help them get through their day and perhaps cheer patients up along  the way too. 

That's all for now :) 



Hi all :) 

Now the weather is getting warmer (at last!!!) it's understandable you're all going to be in a hurry to get your sandals out .. but i've already witnessed 3 different people wearing socks with their sandals!!! Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! 

If you're one of those people then at least make sure you're in funky socks to brighten everyone's day!!! :) :) :) 


Fancy a laugh? Here are some sock related jokes :) 

What sort of socks do pirates wear? Arrrgyle

Knock knock - who's there? - a hole - a hole who? - a hole in my sock, darn it!

Who asked if it was better for a sock to be or not to be? Sockspeare

Why do clowns wear loud socks? To stop their feet falling asleep.

Knock knock - who's there? - put - put who? - put a sock in it and open the door!

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Hi everyone! Today (30/8/16) I've found a very interesting news article about how science can help us to sort out our socks ..! 
The article is all about pairing up socks after they've been washed - apparently we are wasting too much of our lives finding sock partners! 
These scientists offer a new way for us to quickly find the correct pairs so we can get on with our day faster ..
Do you spend too much time pairing your socks and then hunting for partners? Do you want to read more about how you can solve this problem? 

Find the news article here :)


Hi sock-readers, Ive just come across a web-page full of sock quotes! Good fun to read :)

An example is; 

“One can never have enough socks," said Dumbledore. "Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn't get a single pair. People will insist on giving me books.” 
― J.K. RowlingHarry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

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Hey everyone! Today (24/8/15) I've been reading about a new world record that has been achieved ... the worlds biggest sock puppet! It's a huge 10ft 6" and she used 66 socks!

There is even a facebook group for this giant sock puppet. 'Worlds largest sock monkey group!'

To read more about this amazing record, click on me :)

See you soon!

Ailsa :D 


Hi guys! Today (16/7/15) I have a story for you about a footballer who stuffs chicken wings down his socks during a game, to keep them and eat them later!

Marshawn Lynch was delivered some chicken wings on the field, and decided his socks are a great place to store chicken wings!

Read it for yourself, here! 

That's all for today, come back soon for another funny sock story! 

Ailsa :) 


The news today (18/6/15) comes from Scotland! A man has been awarded a years supply of fresh socks as compensation for having an accident with a badly placed hand dryer in the mens toilets! Haha! It doesn't tell us if they are funky ones though :( 

Read the story here :) 

See you again soon with more sock news! 

Ailsa :) 


Today (10/6/15) I have found a fascinating article that has come to the conclusion that anyone who wears funky, vibrant socks is rebellious, intriguing and successful! More reason to buy some crazy socks! 

The article explains that it is a direct show of your personality, and the different styles and colours you choose are a way to show your playfulness, and that what socks we put on in the morning invade the body and brain to put us in a good mood

To read this interesting article, click here!

Come back soon for more news! 

Ailsa :) x


Todays news (29/5/15) is about how Puma sent the wrong socks to Falkirk for the Scottish cup final!

The kit turned up but confused the team as they realised their socks ... were childrens sizes! Haha :) 

Read more here! 

Come back soon for more wacky sock news! 

Ailsa :) 


Todays news (21/5/15) is about a woman who put a sock in her toaster, after she misunderstood the popular saying, 'PUT A SOCK IN IT!'

She had to call a friend over to help as she wondered why there was black smoke coming from the toaster when she tried to use it, she didn't realise it was the sock she had previosuly placed in there causing the problem! Haha :) 

Read the full story here! 

Thats all today! Come back soon for more fun and wacky sock news! 

Ailsa :) x

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